Truthing, On a Friday Afternoon

Mindful discussion with a few students after class today.

What is truth?

If we all filter everything through the lens of our own experiences, how can we ever know what the truth actually is?

Just like Instagram filters, when applied to heavily it can be painfully obvious to the viewer that the truth or reality has been altered, I mean who has eyes THAT big? Skin THAT smooth?How is the grass THAT green? But when we are accustomed to applying a particular filter, we can fool ourselves (if not others) into believing that what we are seeing reflects reality.

Acknowledging that the filter is there, is the first step. Then recognizing that EVERYONE has their own filter, their own doctored vision of the truth.

Hopefully this can lead to more empathy and understanding.

Like the old saying about there being three sides to every story, except for there are infinite sides to every story, and none of them are true or not true.

File this under things that trip me out on a Friday afternoon.

Much Love.


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